UAE Tours: Floating Restaurant, Deep Sea Adventure, Fishing and Cruising

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Desert Camp

The Bedouin-style desert camp, managed by Imonholidays, perfectly combines the contemporary with classic Arabian culture. Ideally located in the pristine stretches of Al Avir dunes, just 45 minutes away from Dubai, the alluring desert camp – with a capacity to accommodate 1,000 people – welcomes guests with a wide selections of things to do, see, and experience, including dune bash, camel riding, Shisha smoking, henna designing, falconry, belly dance, Tanura show, and sunset vistas. Moreover, based on your desert trip package like evening desert safari or overnight desert package, a distinct culinary experience, comprising refreshing aromatic Arabic coffee, fresh dates, and BBQ dinner, is provided to whet your appetite. On the whole, it serves as a relaxed retreat in the midst of the desert’s mystifying quaintness.

With a capacity to accommodate up to 1,200 guests, it is now one of the most popular venues for celebrating special events as well as occasions, enjoying themed travel, and organizing get-togethers.

Al Khaleej Floating Restaurant

A dhow refers to a graceful wooden sail of Arabic origin. Throughout the history of Dubai and UAE, the role of dhows in elevating the economic status of the region has been praiseworthy. Only when you take a dhow cruise, you’ll be able to experience how Dubai meliorated as a dynamic global city and has quickly climbed to its current position. Imonholidays’ Al Khaleej is one such traditional dhow that will take you on a memorable cruise down the majestic waters of Dubai Creek. As the dhow gently drifts you along the Dubai Creek, see the magnificent sights of traditional souks, heritage sights, dhow wharfage, abra ferries and lots more while savoring the sumptuous buffet dinner served onboard in accompaniment to live entertainment including traditional Tanura dance shows. It provides seating for 110 people.

The boat, divided into two decks, comes with a capacity to seat up to 150 people. While upper deck is noteworthy for its aesthetically furnished partly open-air patio, the lower deck is completely air-conditioned.

Deep Sea Adventure Water Sports & Yacht Rental

This subsidiary company of Imonholidays is the number one source in Dubai to enjoy yachting and other popular water sport activities while admiring the beauty and serenity of the Arabian Gulf. Being a specialist in arranging water pursuits of all scale and complexity, Deep Sea Adventure can tailor a service package that reflects your exact holidaying needs, from deep sea cruise and fishing to sailboat charters, luxury yachting, and dinner cruise for both leisure and corporate events.

Our luxurious 50 ft yacht is roomy enough to hold up to 20 persons.

Fishing and Cruising

Dubai’s coastline is incredibly gorgeous, and Imonholidays’ fishing and cruising section exclusively caters to holidaymakers seeking a worry-free, breathtaking, and memorable water escape in the UAE. From arranging luxurious yachting cruise and a thrilling deep sea and deep sea fishing cruises to tailoring a water sport package incorporating all your needs, we provide a continuum of services to marvel and explore the mesmerizing marine world of the Arabian Gulf.

It is ideal for a group of 10 people.